Locally assembled servo motors

A NEW family of locally assembled servo motors will be unveiled by drive solutions group SEW-Eurodrive at this year's National Manufacturing Week.

A NEW family of locally assembled servo motors will be unveiled by drive solutions group SEW-Eurodrive at this year’s National Manufacturing Week.

Providing a lower-torque complement to SEW-Eurodrive’s popular CM-series servo, the new CMP-series servo offers premium dynamics and accuracy in a compact form-factor.

Like the CM-series, the three-phase permanent-magnet CMP-series servo is fully assembled in Australia, ensuring SEW-Eurodrive can provide uniquely fast turnaround on complete servo packages.

Compact and lightweight, the CMP servo series is founded on advanced rare earth magnetic materials and cooling fin-free aluminium housing. Precision engineering ensures that the CMP servo provides premium torque-to-weight ratios and positioning accuracy.

Offering torque ratings ranging from 0.5 to 7.1Nm, the CMP series is presented in three distinct frame sizes and eight models in speed ratings of 3000, 4500 and 6,000rpm. All models will be available in Australia virtually off-the-shelf.

SEW-Eurodrive’s new CMP servo assembly facility is located in its Melbourne-based headquarters.

“The new facility permits us to provide an unrivalled level of servo system supply, service and support to the Australian market,” said SEW-Eurodrive strategic marketing and product manager, Darren Klonowski.

“The combined CMP and CM assembly facilities allow us to offer quick turnaround times on servo systems. That’s the complete servo system–servo drive, gear unit, servo controller and cables–on the customer’s site and ready to install.”

Uniquely, both the new CMP and existing CM servos are complemented by SEW-Eurodrive’s wide range of high-precision and standard gear units.

“In-house engineering of the servo drive/gear unit pair provides huge end-user advantages,” said Klonowksi. “It not only permits fast turnaround of the complete servo assemblies, but allows direct mounting of the gear units.

“As a result, the complete servo assemblies can be built up without mounting adaptors or couplings. This ensures that the servo units are as short and compact as possible, achieve minimal backlash performance, and can be assembled quickly and easily.”

The new servos boast premium dynamic characteristics, which stem from their particularly low inherent mass moment of rotor inertia.

In addition, they offer a particularly high ‘four times rated torque’ overload capacity, and cogging levels minimised to below two per cent. Whisper quiet, the CMP servos retain emitted sound levels to between 55 and 75dBA at all speeds.

The CMP servo series is provided with ‘SM’ plug-connectors (both for power, and resolver/encoder connections), ensuring speedy on-site installation and servicing when combined with pre-manufactured cable assemblies.

An extensive range of options is available with the CMP servo. The series is provided with a robust resolver as standard, or may be fitted with a precision ‘Hiperface’ absolute encoder as an option.

A selection of high-performance electro-mechanical brakes are available, as are optional forced cooling fans, which increase the servo motor’s static torque. The units are also available with an optional square flange, to allow direct machine mounting.

The CMP servo plus gear unit–coupled with SEW-Eurodrive’s advanced MOVIDRIVE ‘B’ application inverter–provides the complete end-to-end servo solution for precision positioning applications.

The new Australia-assembled CMP servo series will be unveiled at SEW-Eurodrive’s stand at National Manufacturing Week 2008: stand No. 4806, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, 27 to 30 May, 2008.


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