Local business to create AFL footballs

A new business is aiming to train 200 indigenous Australians in a venture to create 50 per cent of the AFL footballs used in Australia.

The Indigenous Footy Business, led by South Australian cricketer and entrepreneur Chris Harms, aims to create 100,000 footballs during a two-year trial from 2013-15.

If the trial is successful the venture could ramp up to produce 450,000 footballs within five years.

Adelaide Now reports Harms has met with AFL officials in order to gain support for the new business, which will create footballs for the Auskick and senior levels.

“We have to prove to the AFL over the … pilot period that we can make Auskick balls better and as quick as the Indians and Chinese – and ultimately as good as Sherrin in Melbourne,” he said.

According to Adelaide Now around 90 per cent of the footballs used in Australia are made overseas, but the Indigenous Footy Business is aiming to knock out around half of all the imports.

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