Leading biscuit maker halves noise level with Silvent 920 Air Knife

Compressed air was used to blow away cracker crumbs during the production process at BELIN. Prior to the installation of Silvent’s air knives, the noise level during BELIN’s production process was measured at 90-94 dB(A); a daily exposure time of only 1-2 hours.

As noise is measured on a logarithmic scale, every 3 dB(A) above 85 dB(A) reduces a person’s noise exposure time by half; by decreasing the noise level by 3 dB(A) the noise intensity is halved and the person can work for double the time with the same daily exposure rate.

When a series of Silvent 920 air knives were installed at BELIN, the noise level dropped to 82 dB(A), effectively reducing the noise level by 50%.

The Silvent 920 is a flat nozzle made of zinc that is ideal for use wherever a wide but thin striking surface is required. They are often used in manifold systems that provide a silent and highly efficient air knife. The Silvent 973 nozzle is available if stainless steel is required.

BELIN fitted seven of their production lines with Silvent air knives to blow away cracker crumbs efficiently, but most importantly, at a safer noise level.

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