Larry Marshall named as new CSIRO boss

CSIRO has named its incoming chief executive, Dr Larry Marshall, a physicist,
entrepreneur and inventor.

Marshall will replace Dr Megan Clark in January, according to a statement from the
research organisation made this morning.

“The Chief Executive of CSIRO is probably the most
important position in national science administration, so we conducted an
extensive global search for an innovative scientist with strong business
leadership qualities, and more than 70 candidates were considered,” said Simon
McKeon, the CSIRO chairman.

“Dr Marshall combines commercial and scientific
credentials with extensive global experience, making him the world class leader
we were seeking for CSIRO.”

Marshall is currently managing director of Southern Cross Venture Partners, a venture capital firm specializing in technology
companies. He also holds 20 patents and has founded six US companies ranging from
biotech to semi-conductors.

The appointment comes at a challenging time for the
nation’s peak science body.

The May federal budget trimmed the CSIRO’s funding
by $111 million over four years.

According to a recent article, the number of staff
for 2013 – 14 was 5,573 and this will be 5,034 for 2014 – 15, and the
government funding allocation reduced from $778 million to $745 million over
those years.