LANXESS focuses on “Green” tyres ahead of EU tyre labelling law

Synthetic rubber maker LANXESS will host its annual Rubber Day today in Dusseldorf, Germany focusing on ‘Green’ tyres’ ahead of the forthcoming EU tyre labelling regulation which will legalise the requirement for mandatory labelling of tyre performance.

The new legislation comes as no surprise as CO2 emissions from vehicle tyres contribute between 20 and 30 percent of a passenger car’s fuel consumption and around 24 per cent of its CO2 emissions. Overall, road traffic accounts for 18 per cent of global CO2 emissions.

According to LANXESS head of research and development on the board of management, Dr. Werner Breuers intelligent chemical materials are essential for automotive manufacturers to achieve sustainable mobility and zero-emissions car.

The company has developed special-purpose rubbers and rubber additives that help cut the rolling resistance of tyres by up to 30 per cent without reportedly having a negative impact on the tyre’s wet grip and service life.

This new chemical compound is expected to not only reduce the carbon cost of car manufacturing for automotive makers, but also the lower the carbon cost for users.

The company states that reducing rolling resistance by up to 30 per cent will significantly cut the fuel consumption of cars with a gasoline engine and average fuel consumption of 10 l/100km, by half a litre per 100km and its CO2 emissions by 1.2 kg per 100 km.

This will contribute to  contribution will rise significantly in the future, because global growth in mobility is forcing national legislators to push the use of “green” low rolling resistance tires to protect the environment and our climate, Dr. Breuers said.

LANXESS expects the share of these high-performance tyres compared to normal tires will rise by 77 per cent by 2015.

‘Green’ will soon be standard in Europe, Dr. Breuers said.

This year’s LANXESS Rubber Day conference, themed Innovation for modern mobility, will look at the advantages ‘Green tyres’ can offer automotive manufacturers, including lower rolling resistance, as well as the challenges faced by global tyres suppliers.

The one-day conference will be held at the Intercontinental Dusseldorf today from 10am. LANXESS states that its is largest one held to date according to headcount.

The first Rubber Day conference was held in 2009 in Germany. The 2011 conference was held in Singapore.