Labor to ramp up attack on coalition manufacturing policy

The Rudd government is planning to continue its attack the coalition manufacturing policy. It will focus on the Opposition’s approach to the car industry as well as other specifics. 

According to AAP, one of the areas the government will focus on today is the coalition’s failure to match Labor commitments to bring forward the construction of two replacement supply ships, the HMAS Sirius and HMAS Success to 2015/16.

In addition, the government will mention the coalition’s failure to endorse the decision to assemble 12 future submarines in Adelaide.

The government believes it has a stronger commitment to the struggling automotive manufacturing sector. 

Earlier in the election campaign Prime Minister Kevin Rudd claimed the opposition would kill the car industry if it wins the upcoming election. 

The government has pledged an extra $500 million worth of assistance to the sector from 2016 to 2020. And on top of that, hundreds of millions more in assistance will be provided over the subsequent decade.

In contrast, the Opposition has not matched that level of assistance. It has claimed that the government’s approach is immature and said that assistance should come with conditions.

In addition, the coalition has pledged to reverse the changes to the fringe benefits tax system which are claimed to have had a negative effect on the automotive sector.

The automotive sector is valued by Australians. According to research conducted by Newspoll, a majority of Australians support government assistance to Australia’s car makers.

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