Kuka releases track for Agilus robots

Kuka Robotics Australia has released the KL100 track for its 6kg and 10kg payload Agilus robots.

The track is recommended for tending multiple machines – up to four robots are possible on one linear axis, mounted in different basic robot positions

The track has high torsional stiffness on the basis of FEM analysis, also enabling use in high-accuracy continuous-path applications.

Control of the linear unit is integrated as a mathematically coupled axis in the robot controller, and also features an internally installed energy supply chain for floor-mounted version.

The energy supply chain can be installed internally in a highly compact manner up to a rated travel of 5.5m.

The track has a maximum travel of 30m when supplied with traditional energy supply.

The Agilus series robot, German designed and built come in 6kg and 10kg payloads, and reach of 700, 900 and 1,100mm.