Kresta installs state of the art fabric cutting machines at Malaga

Following the sale of one of its factories in Malaga, Western Australia, blinds and shutters manufacturer Kresta has announced the purchased of state of the art fabric cutting machines.

The company is currently in the process of installing one of those machines in a newer building it owns across the road from the one it sold for $4.8 million earlier this month. The company says the sold factory unit at Malaga was surplus to Kresta’s needs.

Fund of the sale has been reinvested in the company and used to acquire new technology and equipment.

Kresta is currently working with a Lean Manufacturing experts to get the optimal efficiencies from its new production lines

These changes are all part of a wide-ranging review of the company’s business which commenced in mid 2011.

The review is aimed at streamlining and modernising the company’s manufacturing operations to reduce costs and improve product ranges.

Kresta told Manufacturers’ Monthly that the improvements has place the company in a better position to respond quickly to market trends and ensure its customers have access to the best possible range of window furnishings available in the Australian market

Kresta is an Australian manufacturer with production facilities in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.