Kollakorn, CSIRO to develop biometric authentication technology

Asset identification and security company, Kollakorn, has signed a contract with CSIRO to assist Kollakorn in developing its patent known as CertainID.

CertainID is a technology patented by Kollakorn that enables biometric authentication for individuals sending information over the internet, and other potential digital and peer to peer platforms while ensuring the security and privacy of the user’s biometric signature.

As part of the contract, Kollakorn will work with CSIRO’s Data61 to develop a proof of concept, which will include a demonstration unit to identify the improvements to be included in the final product.

Kollakorn is a Sydney-based company with offices in Singapore and Thailand. Kollakorn develops technologies for asset identification and security so that customers can ensure the authenticity of their assets or data.

Kollakorn’s core philosophy is the development of technologies for asset identification and security.

The main product of Kollakorn is a secure tamper evident RFID tag that can be used for application on all types of assets for security and identification purposes and guarantees that if operating, the essential one-to-one relationship between the asset and the RFID tag that ensures that the asset itself and not just the RFID tag, is being tracked.

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