Kodak demolishes building at headquarters [VIDEO]

Kodak continues to move from its photography product manufacturer origins, bringing down its 92-year-old Building 53 at its Rochester, New York headquarters at the weekend.

The nine-chimney structure was imploded on Saturday, one of over 40 buildings demolished since 2003, The Telegraph reports.

The building was previously used to make film negatives.

Kodak popularised hobby photgraphy after launching the Brownie camera in 1900. At its height the site employed 30,000. There are about 6,000 employed at the 5 square kilometre Eastman Business Park site now, reports CTV, from 58 diverse companies.

The company is now a landlord to numerous startups, which make use of the infrastructure at the site – including a railroad, water purification plant and a fire department.

"There's tremendous value in being able to repurpose the assets that exist here," Michael Alt, the retiring director of Eastman Business Park, told The Associated Press.

Kodak went bankrupt in 2012 before emerging from bankruptcy in September the following year, selling a large number of its patents and legacy assets.

It is often cited as a business that failed to adapt to emerging digital technologies.

It ended its Australian manufacturing operations in 2004, closing its Coburg, Victoria factory.


Image: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/