KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* wipers ideal for heavy duty wiping tasks

Facilities seeking to identify the best methods to choose, use, store and dispense industrial supplies are turning towards a highly effective range of industrial strength wipers.

Lean management of industrial supplies can aid continuous improvement over large surfaces, resulting in large savings for companies using products from the WYPALL* range.

In particular, preparation and cleaning of large surfaces requires all kinds of resources and supplies. By re-evaluating your chemical/solvent application process, even the smallest incremental saving can grow to a significant amount over time.

Typical Originally Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO) processes involving large surfaces include: flight controls, airframe sanding, surface preparation and painting and fabrication/assembly.

Fit-for-purposes wipers deliver enhanced efficiency over large surfaces through better chemical application, dispensing, disposal and storage.

Working with larger surfaces usually means more motion waste and greater physical demand on workers. Developing worker capability and delivering proper training is essential to the efficient and safe use of chemicals.

Contamination can easily happen. Whether the surface is abrasive or smooth, small or large, the right tool can reduce the risk of small particles, fibres or lint affecting your process. The wiper remove is just as important as the method of wiping, and the right insight comes from understanding the barriers to reducing defect rates.

The WYPALL* range provides a great opportunity to improve the productivity, profitability and safety record on your site, and to achieve improvement goals and targets for these KPIs.

WYPALL* can make the job easier so that workers are happier to embrace and accept new processes/products that ensure involvement with employers in problem-solving with suppliers.

Industries can avoid falling into a ‘knowledge waste trap’ by being open to partnerships with external suppliers in addition to their fellow workers utilising KIMBERLEY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* and its commitment to minimising waste & hazard potential.

KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* products feature smart packaging solutions that are designed to reduce the amount you dispose of. Helping you to reduce waste and improve productivity. With KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* manufacturing heritage, they understand only too well how critical it is to find ways to reduce costs and improve margins.