Killer Python shrinks as Nestle looks to reduce serving sizes

The size of Allen’s iconic Killer Python has been halved, reducing the confectionery item’s serving size as therefore its sugar and calorie content

The new Killer Python weighs in at 24g, almost half of the original 47g size. It now contains 336kJ as opposed to 630kJ, but still uses the same recipe, with no artificial flavours.

The move forms part of Nestlé’s efforts to address serving sizes, particularly in regards to confectionery, and the Killer Python will be one of the first products in Nestlé’s range to include a new portion guidance device.

“From my experience people often can’t judge serving sizes. The portion guidance device clearly illustrates serving size and helps people enjoy their food, but know when to stop,” dietitian Melanie McGrice said.

Nestlé general manager – confectionery, Martin Brown said that resizing the Killer Python is only the beginning of this Nestlé initiative.

“We’re now offering confectionery with responsibly sourced ingredients, on-pack portion education and changes such as revised portion sizes and resealable packaging,” he said.

The new, treat sized Killer Python will be in stores this month.