Kia preparing for massive Australian recall

Up to 60,000 Kia customers in Australia will have their cars recalled due to a faulty brake light switch, and the fault is also expected to hit customers worldwide.

The recall centres on a fault that can sometimes delay illumination of the brake lights.


While the brakes and brake lights still work, the fault can sometimes delay full illumination for up to two seconds.


In a statement today Kia Motors said it was preparing to issue a recall on a number of car models, but exact details of the move have not yet been determined.


“Kia is in the process of making final preparations for a recall of a range of vehicles to address the intermittent operational failure of brake lights,” it said.


“The full range of the recall will be notified shortly, when all necessary documentation and parts are in place.”


News Limited reports Hyundai is expected to follow suit with the recall, and both outlets have been stockpiling parts in anticipation for the move.


Hyundai-Kia are affiliated companies, and Hyundai Australia last month announced a recall over the same fault.


“The brakes still work and the brake lights still work. But in a very small percentage of cases there was a delay in full illumination [of the brake light] of up to two seconds,” Hyundai said last month.


The Kia cars affected by the fault have not yet been announced, but the following Hyundai models have been impacted.


  • Hyundai Getz (August 2002 to August 2011)
  • Hyundai i30 (September 2007 to May 2012)
  • Hyundai Santa Fe (May 2006 to August 2012)
  • Hyundai Tucson (June 2004 to February 2010)
  • Hyundai ix35 (March 2010 to today)
  • Hyundi Elantra (October 2006 to June 2011)
  • Hyundai iLoad and iMax (February 2008 to today)

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