Kemppi reaches new standard for welding technology

Finnish-based welding company Kemppi has released a range of ISO 3434-2:2005 standard welding solutions.

“Our attainment of ISO 3834 certification is a salute to our commitment in innovation and developing quality solutions. We are well placed and pleased to be able to assist Australian manufacturing firms achieve ISO 3834,” said said David Green, Kemppi Australia’s managing director.

According to Kemppi, it is the first welding manufacturing company to have met this standard.

ISO 3834-2 is becoming mandatory in specific European sectors in structural fabrication from July 1 this year.

“The process of achieving ISO 3834-2 certification is not onerous for manufacturers, but the importance of accurately and quickly meeting requirements would not be lost on manufacturing management,” said Chris Smallbone, WTIA Advocate.

“Apart from the need to comply to be able to do business with more companies, certification does also deliver real and tangible benefits. It helps firms improve productivity, reduce the need for rework and build the bottom line.”