Kemppi elevates industrial welding performance and quality


The international welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, has released new MIG/MAG MasterMig welding machine models 353 and 355, with the 358 model due for release later this year.

Designed in conjunction with professional welders, the new MasterMig range delivers a range of features to help enhance industrial welding productivity and quality.

Faster set-up

The new, compact and powerful Kemppi MasterMig range comes with Weld Assist as standard. This feature lets users set-up welding parameters quickly and easily to save time and improve productivity levels. By simply selecting the joint type, welding position and material thickness, users are ready to weld.

Equipped with memory channels, the MasterMig range also lets users save chosen parameters for fast retrieval. The ability to save customised settings means welders do not have to go through an initial setup for every job. At the turn of a knob, they can highlight the desired setting and proceed to weld. Highly convenient, this feature saves precious time, while helping to increase productivity.

Better arc performance

For greater welding productivity and control, the MasterMig 355 and 358 models can switch on the new MAX arc performance welding processes. MAX Cool, MAX Position and MAX Speed are new Kemppi welding processes that offer solutions for challenging steel, stainless steel and aluminum welding applications by increasing productivity, minimising spatter and speeding up welding without compromising quality. The MAX software options easily integrate with the MasterMig 355 and 358 models.

A choice of models

Suitable for use on site or at the workshop, the MasterMig range delivers real choice. It includes the 353, 355 and 358 models in the compact MIG welding category. These are available as manual, synergic (Auto), and pulse (Auto Pulse) welding options. Users can also choose to weld with gas-cooled guns or the optional MasterMig cooling system for an integrated liquid-cooled package that maximises the 350A 40 per cent ED welding power and enables more extended welding periods. The new MasterMigs also come with a range of convenient, optional transport units.

Greater safety

Equipped with integrated and self-charging LED work lights, the new MasterMig range helps improve worksite safety, efficiency and convenience. The LED lights operate with and without mains power to help enhance productivity in low light conditions.

Greater reach

The new MasterMig range can be combined with the compact sub-feeder SuperSnake GTX to extend the reach of your welding gun. This provides greater convenience when working on hard to reach welding sites. The SuperSnake GTX includes digital metering, a safety lock ON/OFF switch and a strong protective frame.

Digital wireless connectivity

Integrated digital connectivity lets users examine their welding data. The MasterMig 358 can be easily connected to Kemppi WeldEye ArcVision. This software solution lets you track and record arc-on time and welding parameters for better insight into welding production. Raw data is collected digitally from connected welding stations and processed, and it can be viewed directly from your laptop. The MasterMig 358 includes a FREE 3 months’ trial licence for WeldEye ArcVision. Digital WPS (dWPS) is an optional feature for the MasterMig 358.

Quality range

Designed and made in Finland, and strong and robust, the MasterMig range has been built to last. The new MasterMigs feature an injection-molded reinforced plastic casing that absorbs knocks, and ensures the machines can withstand challenging environments.