Kamekura M-400 Manual Hydraulic Strut Cutter

The M-400 manual metal strut cutters are OH&S compliant, protecting the user from common dangers found in alternative cutting methods such as abrasive and saw cutting applications.

M-400 manual hydraulic strut cutters are suitable for use in electrical, air conditioning and plumbing industries as well as in plant and engineering, and various on-site applications. With no waste, mess or deburring.

The M-400 offers high efficiency and safety in on-site requirements for cutting strut material. Dual cutting cassettes are available per customers request for multiple size material.

Special M-400 Manual Strut Cutter Features;

– Cutting blades housed within the cassette for each type of strut material section

– Cassette can be easily changed within a few seconds to suit the size of the section required to be cut

– Enclosed cutter blades prevent injury to the operator during operation

– Dual profile cutting cassettes are available per customers request

– Boasts a lightweight & portable design for on-site & factory based applications and environments