Kalashnikov unveils new electric car

Russian company, Kalashnikov, took a new turn in its production last week by unveiling a prototype electric car, which the company hopes will bring it to the ranks of global electric car producers such as Tesla.

The firm behind the famous AK-47 assault rifle unveiled the electric car prototype, dubbed the CV-1, at an exhibition of Russian defence and civilian products outside of Moscow on Thursday.

The CV-1 is a prototype retro-looking electric car that the company hopes will be comparable to Elon Musk’s Tesla on the electric car market.

A statement on the Kalashnikov website said that the retro design of this prototype model was inspired by the Soviet Union’s popular 1970s-era Izh-Kombi hatchback.

The CV-1 packs a 90 kilowatt-hour battery and a modern electric engine. According to Kalashnikov, the car has a range of 217 miles (350 km) – though it hasn’t yet been demonstrated.

As it is an initial prototype, details such as the vehicle’s price tag have not yet been disclosed.

The CV-1 isn’t the only new project in the works for Kalashnikov, who also recently unveiled a 4.5-tonne manned robot for engineering and combat. They also launched a clothing line. And they have a range of personal items including umbrellas and smartphones.

Last week, Kalashnikov unveiled Igorek (aka “little Igor”) –a four-metre tall, 4.5-tonne, manned robot designed for carrying out engineering and combat tasks.

At a time when robots are competing to become smaller, sleeker and smarter, the company was mocked over the robot’s bulky old-fashioned design.

Kalashnikov later said it hoped to display an improved version of the robot at an exhibition in 2020.