Jubilee springs to new challenges to be successful

Jubilee Spring, an Australian spring-maker that has been in operation since 1938, has put its continuing survival and relevance down to its ability to diversify.

The company employs 35 full-time workers and is based in Ourimbah on NSW’s Central Coast. According to managing director and co-owner John Guest, 60 companies operated in the spring market a decade ago, though only “six or eight major ones” still exit in Australia.

In an interview with ABC’s AM on Friday morning, Guest said that diversification was crucial to Jubilee’s survival. It makes everything from mousetraps to tiny springs in Cochlear implants.

“If you don't diversify in this industry you'll never survive. You have to do anything that's thrown at you,” Guest told AM.

“We have big equipment down there to coil big springs and we have very small equipment down there to coil small springs…

“We do everything from components for Cochlear ear implants, heart pace-makers, right through to mining equipment, bulldozing equipment, sewer equipment, aviation equipment.”

Guest said he believed “the biggest problem” with companies today was that they focussed on a single market, suffering badly if that market declined. He used the example of manufacturing mousetraps to highlight Jubilee’s willingness to serve markets it hadn’t originally.

“The Government came to us and said that Woolworths and Coles were having problems getting a supply of mouse-traps so we redesigned the mouse-trap ourselves and we turned it into a recycled, recyclable mouse-trap,” he said.

“And we probably sell between one and two million of those mouse-traps a year – totally Australian made.”


Image: arb.com.au

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