Jobs boost for Entech ahead of expansion

Adelaide-based Entech Electronics will double its local production capacity with the help of a state government Future Jobs Fund grant, creating 60 direct jobs in advanced manufacturing, according to a press statement by the South Australian state government.

The $1.75 million grant forms part of a total investment of $3.5 million, which Entech will use to move to a new, upgraded facility with more capacity to manufacture products targeting the high-value defence, aerospace and medical technology industries.

Direct jobs created in Adelaide’s north through the project include electronics assemblers, technicians, engineers, team leaders and positions in logistics and procurement. Entech expect that in addition to the direct jobs created, more than 200 indirect jobs will also be created across South Australia.

While Entech supplies high quality electronic components across many industries, the medical and defence technology industries have become a focus for the company, with clients including Raytheon, Thales, Micro-X and Ellex Medical.

Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis said, “Jobs are the number one priority for the State Government, which is why we are helping advanced manufacturing firms like Entech grow and create new jobs in our economy.

Entech’s growth is emblematic of broader changes in our economy as we move away from traditional manufacturing, towards high-value advanced manufacturing for local and international markets.

High-value, high-tech production of precision components is the future of manufacturing in South Australia. As businesses like Entech grow they will act as anchors that attract more high-tech businesses, opportunities and jobs to South Australia.”