Jay Weatherill to discuss future of Holden plant with Belgian entrepreneur

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill will meet with Punch Corporation chief executive Guido Dumarey today to discuss his plan to take over the Holden manufacturing plant in Elizabeth.

Dumarey has experience in such deals, having taken over a former General Motors plant at Strasbourg in Europe.

However, according to AAP, Weatherill has concerns about the viability of the plan and is not sure if General Motors would be willing to hand over their intellectual property.

Federal industry minister Chris Pyne has already expressed some interest in the proposal. He told the ABC he had engaged closely with General Motors, had written Dumarey a letter of support, and the government would do what it could to help the Belgian to reach his goal.

“Obviously he wants to use the platform that is already out there to build vehicles, but he also wants to do some of the things around componentry, bringing together the different component manufacturers in South Australia, and also working with the Victorians,” Pyne told Chanel 7.

“So he has a very broad proposal, and the Government would like to see it come to pass, but we don’t want to over-egg the omelette, so to speak.”

He said the decision largely rests with GM.

Image: GM