Jay Weatherill defends size of China mission


SA Premier Jay Weatherill has stood by his decision to take a large group of government staff and public servants with him on his recent trade mission to China.

According to the ABC, the opposition has claimed that about 20 government staff and public servants joined him on the trip.

The public servants were part of the larger 60-strong delegation which went to China.

Weatherill has defended the size of the group on the grounds that it sends a message that South Australia is serious about its relationship with the Chinese.

"I was made aware while I was away that there was some criticism of my role in this mission and indeed of any government role at all and that somehow we should just leave it all to business to get on with it. That completely misunderstands then nature of doing business in China," Weatherill said in a speech at a mining conference in Adelaide.

Image: adelaidenow.com