Japanese freezer manufacturer introduces “Fukuppy”

Fukushima Industries, a Japanese maker of industrial freezers and water treatment systems, has unveiled its new mascot, Fukuppy.

It was reported over the weekend by Rocket News 24 that Fukuppy, “pronounced “foo-koo-pii”, a “cute winged egg” (pictured) would be the new face of the company.

Fukushima Industries was founded in Osaka in 1951 and remains headquartered there.

According to Rocket News’s summary of the mascot’s back-story, Fukuppy is of an indeterminate gender, was born in a Fukushima refrigerator, can talk to and gauge the health of food, and possesses a “strong sense of justice” though is “a bit of a klutz”.

The choice of mascot was the cause of merriment on social media over the weekend, as can be seen by searching the hashtag matching its name.

It has been incorrectly reported on some blogs that Fukuppy will serve as the face of the Fukushima prefecture, for example here, where Fukuppy was described as a “corporate cartoon character recently unveiled by the Fukushima Industries Corporation to help alleviate the growing fear of Fukushima's nuclear disaster amid health concerns”

The prefecture suffered a nuclear accident at its TEPCO-owned power plant, following a 2011 earthquake followed by a tsunami.

Image: http://www.fukusima.co.jp/character/index.html