Japanese cooling systems manufacturer issues apology over “Fukuppy”

Osaka-based Fukushima Industries has commented on the unfortunate choice of name for its new Mascot, which has caused plenty of sniggers this week.

As reported on Manufacturers’ Monthly's website and elsewhere, the ovoid, winged, smiling mascot has gained lots of attention on social media.

According to the Daily Mail and others, Fukushima Industries has been forced to consider a re-brand due to the publicity, some of which incorrectly linked Fukuppy to the persistent contamination threat facing Fukushima prefecture's nuclear power plant site and its surrounds.

"A lot of media are reporting (on) our mascot, which created misunderstanding. In order to get rid of the confusion, we will announce our stance on the issue on our website later in the day," an unnamed spokesperson told AFP.

The unrelated Fukushima power plant episode in March 2011 forced the evacuation of 300,000 people, according to The Independent, and the clean-up effort has since then faced persistent difficulties.

“We sincerely apologise for worrying many people and creating misunderstanding among them,” Fukushima Industries said of the attention that their mascot created.

“We will look into the name, including a rethink of it.”

Fukushima Industries created their name as a portmanteau of the first part of their name and the English word “happy”.

Japanese-speaking readers can click here to read the company’s explanation.