Jamaica buys 12 Bushmaster armoured vehicles

Thales Australia has signed a contract to supply 12 Bushmaster armoured vehicles to the Jamaica Defence Force.

The vehicles are all troop carrier variants equipped with Thales’s SOTAS M2 communication system, and deliveries will begin in 2015. The contract also includes a five-year support package.

Chris Jenkins, Thales Australia CEO, said: “The Jamaica Defence Force has a longstanding interest in Bushmaster, and we are now very pleased to add them as an export customer.

“The Bushmasters are ideally suited for both internal security and humanitarian operations. The inclusion of the support package demonstrates the customer’s trust in us to deliver and maintain an effective capability over several years.

In August this year the company delivered its 1000th Bushmaster to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The vehicle was officially handed over to the ADF at an event held at Thales’s Bendigo facility.

The armoured vehicles have been exported to the UK and the Netherlands; and have been used in East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The vehicles which provide defence personnel in war zones with high levels of protection have been credited with saving lives.

As in the car industry, Thales Australia’s performance does not simply affect its own employees. According to Jenkins, there are 120 companies involved in the supply chain for Thales. All stand to benefit from the company’s exports and future expansion.