Italian company to unveil giant 3D printer for affordable house fabrication

An Italian company is preparing to unveil what it has said is the world’s largest delta-style 3D printer, which it hopes can be used to affordably print houses out of clay in developing nations. reports that WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) will unveil its 12-metre tall BigDelta machine at an exhibition (September 18 – 20) at Massa Lombarda, east of Bologna.

“Building BigDelta is much more than a dream come true if we consider that, by 2030, international estimates foresee a rapid growth of adequate housing requirements for over 4 billion people living with yearly income below $3,000,” the company told

The company aims to have the machine used in impoverished areas to affordably fabricate houses out of native clays.

WASP also makes and sells machines including its Powerwasp (a combined 3D printer and CNC milling machine) and DeltaWASP (a smaller, delta-style 3D printer).