Isuzu Motors stocks delayed after 2011 Japan earthquake

Japanese truck manufacturer Isuzu Motors has confirmed that no loss of life or injury was experienced at the company’s manufacturing plant as a result of the Japan earthquake, however stocks being exported to Australia will be delayed.

The earthquake, that hit Japan on Friday 11 March, was the largest ever recorded in the country.

“Despite the widespread devastation caused by the earthquake and subsequent events, no loss of life or injury was experienced at Isuzu Motors operations in Fujisawa, Tochigi or Omori (Tokyo) head office,” said the company.

Isuzu will keep its doors shut over the remainder of the week to fix damage on the production line.

“In terms of impact to Isuzu Motors’ manufacturing capabilities, some damage was experienced at the company’s Fujisawa and Tochigi operations. The extent of the damage – although yet to be fully determined – is expected to be largely addressed during this week’s shutdown period,” they said.

According to Isuzu, Tokyo Electric Power Co has ordered short-term power rationing to the region, which will affect all of the country’s auto and truck manufacturers.

“As a result of the damage and short term power rationing that may be imposed by Tokyo Electric Power Co, the Australian market may experience a minor supply shortfall in the medium term,” said Isuzu.

“IAL carries significant vehicle and spare parts inventory levels in Australia, and it is expected that if a supply shortfall eventuates, it will be minor and only short lived.”

The 8.9-magnitude earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan on Friday toppled the nation’s automotive manufacturers, with Honda, Toyota and Nissan affected the worst.

Though Honda was the only one affected physically by the quake, Japanese-made cars and parts from all local manufacturers are expected to be delayed coming into Australia for the immediate future.

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