Ipswich factory fire was ‘suspicious’

A fire in a plastics factory in Ipswich was one of three fires in the one street in recent weeks, according to the factory’s site manger.

As the ABC reports, the fire which broke out on Sunday in Viscount Plastics in the Carole Park industrial estate produced thick black smoke could be seen from 20 kilometres away.

The blaze took more than 20 crews of fire fighters several hours to bring under control and, as it burned, local residents were advised to close their windows and doors, turn off air-conditioners and remain inside.

But according to Factory site manager Phil Malone, the fire is suspicious. Claiming that there have been three fires in the same street recently, he said that that the fire “doesn't sound like an accident”.

According to Acting Fire Superintendent David Hermann, the efforts of fire crews limited the damage and saved surrounding businesses.

‘‘Our initial actions was to protect the manufacturing plant – it was the biggest risk here,’’ he told 612 ABC Brisbane.

‘‘Their efforts in doing so have been successful [and] saved 41 jobs and a $30 million factory.’’

Malone said that he had feared that the 40 workers employed at Viscount Plastics would be out of work due to the blaze and was pleased that they could return to work this week.

‘‘We are very lucky our fire brigades saved the day basically,’’ he said.

Fire investigators returned to the site on Monday morning.

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