IoT gathers momentum in Australia and New Zealand


RS Components and Schneider Electric have partnered to enable wider access to Schneider’s Electric’s revolutionary open, interoperable, IoT enabled system architecture and platform, EcoStruxure, in the ANZ region.  

The popular platform enables wireless connection of factory floor instrumentation, enabling engineers to capture and monitor critical data. 

EcoStruxure leverages advancements in IoT, mobility sensing, cloud, analytics, and cybersecurity technologies to deliver innovation at every level – from connected products to edge control, applications, analytics and services – and for all branches of industry. 

Products such as breakers, sensors and drivers are endowed with IoT through the EcoStruxure Connected Products layer, serving as the foundation of smart operations. 

Through the partnership, Schneider Electric is broadening its customer base and bringing IoT innovations to a wider field. The extension also enables the company to ensure the highest level of expert service is provided to users. By taking a more active role with RS Components, Schneider Electric is effectively up-skilling the industry to improve decision-making and specification. 

“We want to be the first choice for every customer requiring industrial control devices, whatever their demands. That means we have to have the ability to specify and support, as well as execute,” RS Components managing director for ANZ Scott Philbrook said. 

“Having Schneider Electric’s expertise directly embedded into our company, effectively allows us to provide the best possible technical advice for and help customers make the best possible decisions.” 

The next layer in the EcoStruxure platform is to incorporate edge control, so users can control the machines that collect data and act as a gateway to deliver it to the cloud. Once data is available via the cloud, the EcoStruxure platform also offers analytics capabilities for users to carry out further analysis. The three technology layers are supported by Customer Lifecycle Software, assisting customers to design, quote, build, configure and commission their EcoStruxure project. 

Schneider Electric and RS Components are leading the digital transformation of industrial automation markets, making sure Australian and New Zealand industries are equipped for smart manufacturing while increasing their profitability and productivity. 

For more information, click here for Australia and here for New Zealand.