Interactive design process to ensure local content in new trams, trains

The Victorian government has begun an interactive design process with local manufacturers to develop its next order of trains and trams.

Currently, manufacturers are invited to develop proposals and participate in a collaborative design process, and workshops will be held over the next months to bring together manufacturers and government.

The new trams will replace high-floor trams which currently run on the Melbourne network. These new trams will operate in addition to the 50 E-Class trams that have been ordered since 2015.

By undertaking an interactive design process, the Victorian government hopes to maximise local content and jobs for manufacturers within the state. During the workshops, the government will provide information for manufacturers to integrate their designs with the existing public transport network, avoiding infrastructure upgrades to accommodate the design of trams or trains.

“We’re doing the vital design work needed to deliver new trains and trams that are reliable, accessible and meet the changing needs of Victorian passengers,” said Minister for Public Transport, Melissa Horne.

Since 2015, the Victorian government has invested $4.5 in new and upgraded rolling stock and their supporting infrastructure.

The Victorian government will still select a final proposal from those invited to participate, however aims for the interactive design process to reduce uncertainty in the tendered bids.

The trains that will be delivered through this process will serve the growing regional commuting communities that surround Melbourne and Victorian centres. The trains will be fully accessible, carry more people, have greater passenger comfort, and be more energy efficient.

The trams that are part of the interactive design process will be more accessible, and involve onboard energy storage, which will reduce the need for infrastructure upgrades.

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