Locally-made low cost satellite wins Defence contract

Local satellite manufacturer Inovor Technologies will supply a satellite bus for transporting equipment into space.

The project is part of the Buccaneer Main Mission, developed by the Australia Defence Force to improve radar technology, as Minister for Defence Industry, Melissa Price, outlined.

“The Buccaneer program is aimed at improving our understanding of the outer atmosphere, in particular the ionosphere, which plays a key role in Australia’s world-leading Over-the-Horizon radar capability,” she said.

The satellites produced by Inovor is one of a wave of smaller and cheaper satellite technology which is enabling greater access to space from a wider variety of organisations.

“Small, low-cost satellites like Buccaneer provide a unique opportunity to support the development of an Australian Space Capability for Defence and to rejuvenate Australian space research,” said Price.

While the project is led by Defence, according to Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, the winning bid highlighted the way in which technologies developed for one sector can be easily translated to others.

“There is huge potential for our advanced manufacturers who are working in defence or other industries to expand into the space sector and vice-versa, which will see them grow and create new Australian jobs,” she said.

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