Companies receive government support for innovative energy ideas

An intensive 12-week program to support companies with proven solutions for the mining and energy sectors begun in Brisbane and Perth in early March.

The RISE Accelerator Program is backed by the Australian government and involves 17 Resources Innovators, Scale-ups and Entrepreneurs (RISE).

RISE participants are Australian companies based in Queensland or Western Australia with products or services which are delivered into or began in these regions.

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, said the program would take innovation from the mining and energy sectors to market.

“This will help scale-ups develop their innovation, win more work, and expand their businesses, which will grow the Australian economy and create more local jobs,” said Andrews.

“The program will offer workshops and mentoring from industry leaders, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts.

“This mentoring and industry support will help the participants gain greater traction with customers in domestic and international markets and successfully manage their growth.

“Through programs like RISE, we can strengthen Australia’s position as a global hub for innovation in the mining and energy resources sectors and enhance the competitive advantage of Australia’s traditional industries,” said Andrews.

The accelerator has attracted a mix of regional and metropolitan-based companies.

RISE is a collaborative initiative of the METS Ignited and NERA Industry Growth Centres, with funding and support from the Australian government, the Queensland and Western Australian governments and delivery partner KPMG.

METS Ignited and NERA are two of the six Industry Growth Centres established by the Coalition to drive innovation, productivity and competitiveness, while also supporting traditional industry.


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