Innovation key for steel industry at 2012 Endeavour Awards

THE metalworking industry is often referred to as the ‘backbone of industry’, and the 9th annual Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards will showcase some of the country’s most innovative products made from Australian steel.

In 2012, one of the country’s largest steel-makers, BlueScope Steel, will once again sponsor the Steel Innovation Award*, helping local manufacturers receive industry recognition for their efforts working with Australian Steel. 

“Our sponsorship of the Steel Innovation Award is representative of BlueScope Steel’s commitment to the Australian manufacturing industry, where we encourage innovation and collaboration amongst Australian Manufacturers resulting in a focus on activity that promotes growth and competitive advantage,” BlueScope Steel manager manufacturing markets, Steve Gregson, told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

“The manufacture of steel in the domestic market gives Australian manufacturers the confidence of dealing with a local, reliable and consistent supplier that is committed to the Australian industry. 

“Additionally BlueScope Steel products are designed for Australian conditions and our high-tech manufacturing facilities and quality control processes means they are able to reliably meet (or more likely exceed) Australian Standards. This is not always the case with imported product that may not comply with Australian Standards.”

For Gregson, the Endeavour Awards is an important calendar event for the manufacturing industry, as it provides a platform for like-minded Australian manufacturers to meet and collaborate.

“At BlueScope Steel we support awards programs because they provide a platform to recognize the efforts of other manufacturers and encourages innovation through process, products, designs and projects,” said Gregson.

At the 2012 Endeavour Awards, Gregson hopes to see some examples of how Australian manufacturers have added value to locally-made steel.

“We will be interested to see examples of how Australian Manufacturers, big or small, build a competitive advantage while providing Australian consumers with a choice of competitive locally manufactured steel goods,” he said.

For BlueScope Steel, 2012 will be a big year for innovation, too.

“At BlueScope Steel we have recently announced a major restructure of Australian operations and have a renewed commitment to prioritising our resources and efforts towards even better service for our domestic customers,” Gregson said.

“The industry is seeing a record high Australian dollar and intense competition from imported finished goods. There is a genuine desire amongst local manufacturers to collaborate in the development of innovative solutions that best suit Australian market requirements.

“BlueScope Steel is specifically excited to be working on the next generation of coated products for our customers.”

Entries are now open for the 2012 Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards, so click here to enter, and have your company recognised for its manufacturing success.

[*If you want to sponsor an Endeavour Awards category in 2012, contact Michael Northcott on 0448 077 247 or]