Industrial Internet 4.0 Summit in full swing in Sydney

The Industrial Internet 4.0 Summit has kicked off in Sydney with day one focusing on topics such as connectivity, intelligence and human-machine interaction.

The summit is being held at UTS on February 26-27, with senior level executives from the Australian manufacturing industry gathering to discuss developing their digital strategies.

Launched in February 2017, the summit has established itself as a go-to event for dynamic business leaders keen to share knowledge, and discuss the big issue in the digital transformation of manufacturing.

With more than 200 delegates at the last event, the summit attracts leading authorities from government, business, academia and industry associations keen to share their experiences and to look at best practices for manufacturers keen to implement change across their organisation.

Speakers on day one include University of Technology Sydney’s Michael Blumenstein, GPC Electronics CEO Christopher Janssen, and Tezamen CEO Herbert Hermens, who are part of a keynote panel discussing how manufacturers are ensuring optimal industrial IoT implementation across their factories.

Later in the day, CSIRO research program director Leon Prentice and Cook Medical director Jithendra Nair will be part of a panel discussing deploying edge, fog and cloud computing across factories.

On day two, ESM managing director Glen Fry is among those speaking. He will discuss collecting, connecting and harnessing industrial data.

At the end of day two, there will be a discussion on the state of Industry 4.0 in Australia and predictions on what the future will hold.

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