Indian firm receives $2.4m to manufacture car mirrors in Adelaide

An Indian-owned manufacturer has received a $2.4 million government grant to build car mirrors in South Australia.

SMR Automotive Australia received the sum as part of the Green Car Innovation Fund.

The company plans to set-up a pilot plant in Adelaide to adapt leading-edge technology to manufacture the mirrors.

The venture will create jobs, skills and products for Australia.

The project will be supported by the University of Adelaide.

Innovation Minister Kim Carr said the project “is a good example of how industry is innovating to create greener products for the low-carbon economy. 

“It is also a great example of how international collaborations can strengthen research and development, leading to the production of world-leading products that will transform our industries and the way we live for the better. “

At the event, Senator Carr met SMR CEO Mr Laksh Vaaman Sehgal — who is visiting from India — and spoke about further collaboration with India that would see each country strengthen its automotive and other industries. 

“Australia has a strong tradition of international collaboration and India is one of our most important industry and research partners. That is why I am planning to visit India later this year and pursue other research and development opportunities with innovative Indian companies,” said Senator Carr.

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