Increased market for PLCs in 2011, uncertain 2012

IMS Research says 2011 saw high revenues from programmable logic controllers (PLCs), although slowing growth means uncertainties for 2012.

The data in IMS Research’s latest report “The World Market for PLCs – 2011 Edition” indicated that recovery from the downturn in earlier years happened much quicker than expected.

2010 was a year of great growth for PLC suppliers, driven by government economic stimulus which allowed industrial machinery users to purchase more PLCs and other automation products.

The restart of projects discontinued in 2009 and the start of new projects means 2010 was a year of high growth for the PLC market. 2011 saw a continuation of this growth, though at a lower rate than 2010.

Even as the Eurozone faces crisis, Germany, which is a big market for industrial automation products, has continued its healthy growth. The US PLC market has also growth, as has the Chinese and Indian markets. Japan was hit by the earthquake crisis, however.

However, the risks and uncertainties in the global economy could curtail growth in 2012. IMS research believes Germany, France, China and the US will still drive PLC growth for the year, although Brazil and India will be increasingly important players in the market.

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