Ice lab raid also nets loaded 3D printed gun

Queensland Police raided a methamphetamine lab on the Gold Coast hinterland yesterday, seizing, among other things, a loaded 3D printed firearm.

The ABC reports that four were arrested during the Mudgeeraba raid. Four were arrested, with alleged links to the Lone Wolves outlaw motorcycle gang.

Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said, "We have a printed 3D-handgun that is actually loaded.

"And then, throughout the bushland we now have discovered about 10 different hidey holes with different bits of lab equipment and other paraphernalia and what looks like chemicals."

The Huffington Post notes that another raid in February elsewhere in the suburb netted enough 3D printed parts to assemble four handguns.

The news follows NSW Parliament passing laws last month that went as far as banning blueprints for milled or 3D printed guns.