Hygiene breakthrough for VIC film manufacturer

Melbourne-based bio-plastics developer SECOS Group has signed a five-year agreement with micro-engineer MiniFAB to manufacture first-of-a-kind breathable films for the hygiene market.

The partnership is hoped to “significantly raise” the performance and quality of several of SECOS’s film products, the company said in a statement.

The deal follows 18 months of research and testing – most recently, a sample was used to create breathable baby diapers.

By combining MiniGAB’s cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly bio-plastics has been described as a “true breakthrough” by SECOS’s managing director, Stephen Walters.

“The company sees the first practical application of this new capability in creating strong film for diapers that is breathable [and] we are particularly excited by the potential boost the breathability of select parts of each roll of cast film,” he said.

Producing breathable films will provide manufacturers of hygiene and protective garment products the opportunity to offer zoned areas of breathability delivering new levels of innovation, Walters added.