Hydrogen car refuelling station opens in Sydney

Hyundai has opened Australia’s first ever hydrogen refueling station for cars at its headquarters in Sydney.

News.com.au reports that the station, as well as the experimental hydrogen-powered ix35 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, were unveiled by Federal Industry and Science Minister Ian MacFarlane.

The ix35 is also the first vehicle of its kind in Australia. It means that Hyundai has beaten rivals Toyota and Honda in bringing a hydrogen powered car to this country.

Hydrogen powered cars actually create their own electricity while they travel. They take about as long as petrol-powered car to refuel and can travel about as far as conventional cars before they require refueling.

“This is the first zero emissions fuel cell passenger vehicle to be brought to Australia, and it’s another step towards diversifying Australia’s future transport fuel mix,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“Fuels like hydrogen can help to meet Australia’s transport needs and lower our carbon emissions.

“One of the advantages of hydrogen is that it can be produced from water using a variety of energy sources, including renewable energy.

He added that the Federal Government supports hydrogen research through Australian Research Council funding.

“The CSIRO is also developing scientific capabilities and new technologies relevant to hydrogen, including research into membrane and separation technologies and the solar conversion of natural gas to syngas,” he said.

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