Hydro-tech company Hazer Group to present at Clean Equity conference

Hazer Group managing director Geoff Pocock (Hazer Group)

Hydro-tech and graphite technology-company Hazer Group will present at CleanEquity conference in Monaco.

The company will present to key senior financial and strategic cleantech investors, policy makers, legislators, end users and media. It is the only Australian company attending the conference.  

Hazer’s key operation involves using iron ore to convert natural gas into hydrogen and graphite. 

Hazer claims that their process generates significantly lower emissions than traditional hydrogen production process like steam methane reforming, as the carbon content of the gas is captured in the form of high-quality synthetic graphite.

Managing director Geoff Pocock said Hazer’s strong position in the hydrogen and graphite markets comes from harnessing iron-ore as an ultra-cheap catalyst. 

“Using very cheap feedstock’s like natural gas and iron-ore, the early stage indication is that the Hazer Process has the potential to be the cheapest way of making hydrogen globally, while also significantly reducing the emissions traditionally associated with hydrogen production ” Pocock said.

Pocock also said his team see a big opportunity for the company’s cleaner hydrogen.

 “There’s no real benefit in using hydrogen as a fuel if you have emitted a lot of CO2 in making the hydrogen in the first place. With less than 5% of the 65m tonnes of hydrogen produced each year used in energy applications, we feel the low-emissions associated with our process puts us in a great position to penetrate the clean energy verticals like the Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) market, Pocock said.

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