Hunter Valley chosen over Victoria for new $15m manufacturing plant

A new manufacturing plant worth $15 million has just been approved for the Hunter Valley region, over the more popular state for manufacturing, Victoria.

According to a report from ABC News, Sydney company, Questech, lodged an application with the Singleton Council to build the Mount Thorley factory.

The factory will reportedly develop a new panel for the housing construction market.

The ABC News report says the Hunter Valley was chosen over Victoria to host the new plant because it was lower-cost, a new freeway had been built to give easy access to the plant, and there is a lot of skilled labour in the area.

The Hunter Valley is a booming business area for manufacturing. Pacific Beverages’ massive new $120 million Bluetongue Brewery was built in the region last year, attracting workers to the area.

The area is very focussed on environmental sustainability, and just last month a group of local businesses made an agreement to lower their carbon emissions in time for the proposed carbon tax mid-2012. Premier Kristina Keneally is endorsing the decision.

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