HP appoints 3D printing boss ahead of split

Hewlett-Packard has appointed an executive to oversee its 3D printing division, ahead of the company’s November 1 split into two entities.

Forbes and others report that the company’s Steve Nigro, senior vice president of imaging and printing, will head up its 3D printing operations within HP Inc.

The company will separate into Hewlett-Packard Enterprise – covering server, data centre technology and business consulting – and HP Inc. – covering printers and PCs – in November.

“I have asked Stephen Nigro to turn his entire focus to 3D Printing, continuing to report to me,” 3DPrint.com reports Dion Weisler, HP Inc.’s new CEO, as saying.

He will focus on establishing a leadership position for HP Inc., in both the prototyping and production 3D market by delivering a strong portfolio of technology, products, and services to drive the market.”

HP Inc. will release the company’s long awaited enterprise-level Multi Jet Fusion machines next year.

Industry commentators, such as Wohlers Associates founder Terry Wohlers, have predicted that Fusion will be a “game-changer” technology when it is released. HP has claimed vastly greater speed, part strength and resolution compared to currently available machines.

“They have a lot of experience with building these very large machines for industrial users,” Wohlers told Manufacturers’ Monthly in May this year.

“I think that their competitors have their work cut out for them.”