How will 3D printing change the future for entrepreneurs?

Tech publication The Next Web asked nine young entrepreneurs about the direction the future could take due to the evolution of 3D printing.

The respondents, from a broad range of companies, believed that manufacturing could become leaner, easier, cheaper and an option to more and more people.

Aaron Schwartz, director of "player personnel" at Modify Watches, saw much cheaper prototyping – an area in which 3D printing has been used for nearly three decades and was pioneered by Chuck Hull of 3D Systems – as something that would make starting up one’s own manufacturing business realistic for more people.

“Due to high minimum quantities, the starting cost is often prohibitive,” Schwartz told Next Web.

“Physical product companies can test ideas with 3D printing before investing the time and money needed to for full-blown production. More ideas will be tested, and more good companies will be started thanks to the proliferation of this technology.”

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