Hopes fading for Pakistan factory collapse survivors

There is little hope more survivors will be found amongst the rubble of a collapsed factory in Pakistan, according to the head of the local rescue service.

AFP reports that, up to this point, 20 people who were in the plastic bag factory at the time of the collapse have been confirmed dead and 108 survivors have been rescued from the debris.

However, as Arshad Zia head of rescue services in Punjab province, told AFP the hopes of finding more survivors are fading as 24 hours had passed since the collapse.

However, he added, "Miracles can happen at any time and that's why we are moving slowly."

It is feared there may be many more bodies of workers who were on the lower floors of the building, still to be found.

According to Rescue services spokesman Jam Sajjad Hussain, there may have been about 200 people in total in the factory when it collapsed.

There was a powerful earthquake across Pakistan and Afghanistan on October 26. It is feared this may have weakened the building.

A survivor Muhammad Ramzan, 22 told Reuters he saw cracks in the structure moments before the collapse.

"I immediately drew the owner's attention towards the cracks. He was watching them when the roof collapsed and I saw him being crushed by a heap of concrete that led to his death," he said.

Al Jazeera reports that an emergency has been declared at all local hospitals.

According to Chief doctor Zia Ullah of Jinnah Hospital, most of the survivors taken to the hospital are young workers and many sustained head injuries and fractured limbs.           

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