Honda annouces massive recall

Honda has annouced plans to recall over 871,000 vehicles after discovering a flaw that could allow them to roll away after they’ve been parked.

The manufacturer said it was aware of at least two incidents where people received “minor injuries” as a result of the defect, and the recalls will focus primarily on the United States and Canada, where they were made.

A total 807,000 vehicles will be recalled from the United States, while 52,000 will be called back in Canada, AFP reports.

Honda said it was possible the ignition interlock system on the faulty cars could be damaged or worn to the point where drivers could remove the key without the car being shifted to park.

"If the transmission is not in park and the parking brake is not set, the vehicle could roll away, and a crash could occur," Honda said in a statement.

The company said it would conduct repairs on the vehicles free of charge, and the recall would affect 347,244 Honda Odyssey and 276,850 Honda Pilot models from 2003-2004.

Last month Honda Australia said it was unhappy with the amount of cars being sold in Australia, with rival Mazda outselling it by a significant margin.

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