Holden’s locally built cars record worst-ever sales year

Holden had the worst sales year ever for its locally built models and the company sold less than 28,000 Commodores in 2013.

According to figures obtained by the Australian, the low sales for the Commodore represented a 9 per cent drop from the previous year and meant that company’s flagship vehicle was only the fifth most popular vehicle in Australia.

The bad sales result follows Holden’s decision to cease all car manufacturing in Australia in 2017. At this point, only Toyota remains committed to local car manufacturing.

Only three years ago, there were twice as many Commodores sold in Australia. At that point in time the vehicle was the most popular in this country.

Overall, when foreign built vehicles are included, car sales reached a record high in 2013. However, locally manufactured vehicles made up just 10.4 per cent of total sales.

Sales for the Ford Falcon dropped by 24 per cent compared with the previous year and Toyota’s Aurion dropped by 25 per cent compared with 2012.

Image: News Ltd.

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