Holden to reveal real carbon tax impact

Acting Opposition leader Warren Truss is holding a press conference today at GM Holden’s testing labs in Port Melbourne, during which he will find out the likely impact of the government’s carbon tax.

“Truss will tour the facility and get a briefing on the impact of an ever-growing carbon tax on car manufacturing in Australia, as well as Labor’s axing of the $1.3 billion Green Car Innovation Fund and bid to slap a new 12.5 cents (plus GST) per litre tax on LPG,” said a media statement.

Only last month, the secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU), Dave Oliver, voiced his support for the carbon tax, claiming automotive companies including Holden will benefit from government assistance.

“There is no future for manufacturing and no real job security for workers over the next decade if we don’t put a price on carbon and back it up with support for low emission technologies and energy efficiency solutions," said Oliver

"Toyota, Ford and Holden (Victoria, SA) and many of their more energy intensive automotive suppliers will have the opportunity to get some support from the Government’s climate change package for investment in new light components and getting their businesses more energy efficient."

Truss on the other hand is well-known for rallying against the carbon tax, claiming it will kill the manufacturing industry in Australia.

During his visit to Holden’s testing lab today, Truss will also get an insight into some of Holden’s new sustainable projects, including the new VE Commodore.

“He will also get a rundown on Holden’s own direct action plan to make modern motoring greener, cutting emissions by 20% through developing the new VE Commodore, which runs on E85 alternative fuel (85% ethanol)," Truss’s office said.

Truss will be at GM Holdens’ testing labs from 12:30pm today.

Watch this space for updates on Truss’s findings.