Holden to keep Port melbourne design centre open

Motors has signalled that its global CEO Mary Barra will keep Holden’s design
centre open.

News Corp reports that General Motors executives have said the Port Melbourne design
centre, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year, will continue
to operate after Holden ceases manufacturing in Australia in 2017.

Around 140
work at the design centre.

“We have support from GM leadership,” Mike Simcoe, vice president
of GM international design
told News.

“Mary Barra supports
Holden design…When she was in charge of product development (before she became
CEO) she agreed this studio should continue.

can’t give you the quote because I can’t speak for her, but she was very
specific about keeping this place alive.”


Barra was announced as GM’s first female CEO in December.


Last year Ford Australia announced that they would also keep their design operations running
in Australia after the company stopped assembling cars (in 2016).