Holden manufacturing executive calls for more Government funding

Holden executive director manufacturing operations, Martyn Cray, called for more support from the Government during his address at the 8th Annual Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards ceremony in Melbourne on 25 May.

Cray said that all manufacturers around the world receive support from their respective Governments, and it should be no different in Australia.

"Don’t let the Government tell you otherwise," he said.

Cray noted the support of the Federal and State Government of South Australia played a big support role for the recently-launched Holden Cruze.

The Cruze is Holden’s first small car to be designed and manufactured entirely in Australia, at the company’s Elizabeth plant in South Australia. The car is being marketed as a more environmentally-friendly option than larger cars, and provides impressive fuel efficiency, according to a recent report from the NRMA.

Cray also took the opportunity to announce that Holden will increase its volume parts production to 4 million a day in August – a strong sign for the automotive as well as other manufacturing industries in Australia.

While Cray delivered his address, Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr announced that $10 million will be provided to the automotive industry, during a speech at Canberra’s 2011 Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries annual dinner.

Ford, Toyota and Holden will all be supported, along with research into automotive parts and assembly.



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