Holden Commodore replacement may come from Germany

Holden may replace the last Australian-made Commodore with
cars made by General Motors brand Opel in Germany.

According to News.com.au, the company has yet to decide whether
or not to retain the famous name ‘Commodore’ or to make a fresh start with a
new name after local manufacturing ceases in 2017.

Some Holden executives argue that the name should be retained for marketing reasons but, according to Holden insiders, GM head of sales in the Asia-Pacific Mike
Devereux would prefer a new name.

Initially it was expected that the Commodore’s replacement
would be made in China. However, GM’s Chinese manufacturing operations are at
full capacity catering for that nation’s enormous and growing car market.

In contrast, the company’s European operations are operating
below capacity. Opel, GM’s German brand is likely to be the choice to make the
Commodore replacements.

According to Motor Authority, the car will probably be a
version of Opel’s next-generation Insignia or a larger sedan with coupe-like

Coincidentally, the original Holden commodore (first released
in 1978) was an Australian-made version of a German-made Opel sedan.

When the replacement is made there will be no V8 version included
and no ute.

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