Hioki MR8827 Memory HiCorder, high speed multichannel recorder

The Hioki MR8827 Memory HiCorder is a 20-Msamples/sec multichannel 64-channel analogue and digital recorder suitable for substation protective relay and circuit breaker monitoring, inverter and variable speed drive analysis, electric vehicle and traction system testing and applications such as PLC control scheme investigations.

The standard recorder is expandable to 92 channels. A typical example is the evaluation of an inverter controlled motor with the Hioki MR8827 Memory HiCorder simultaneously measuring voltage, current, temperature, and frequency.

The standard Hioki MR8827 can accommodate up to 16 optional input modules (for up to 32 channels), enabling measurement of up to 64 channels when its standard logic inputs are included. Equipped with optional logic input modules, it can simultaneously measure a mix of up to 92 analogue and logic channels.

Electrical isolation of inputs from the instrument and of channels from one another ensures safe measurement. When used with the Analogue Unit 8966, the MR8827 features a measurement frequency range of DC to 5 MHz.

The interfaces for the Hioki MR8827 include LAN (100Base-TX) and USB port for a mouse and mass storage.

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